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Our vision is for a healthy and harmonious Aboriginal community while honoring the wisdom inherent within our Nation; we nurture the healing journey for Aboriginal families and children by empowering them through the provision of support and resource while encouraging our community partners to walk with us on the path of healing, reconciliation & learning.

Welcome to 
Eagle Heart Centre.

Eagle Heart Centre is a community-based organization that helps families and children. It is mandated to involve the community and develop strong partnerships.

As family structures, roles and responsibilities continuously shift, the Centre realizes the importance of remaining flexible and responsive.


Our Mission.

The Eagle Heart Centre is dedicated to providing services that support and empower families, children and youth to attain a healthy lifestyle in the many aspects of their life including; the home, at work / job, education / training, spiritual and recreational. The EHC believes the importance of individual and family well-being is a foundation for both strong families and communities and economic growth.


Contact us today if you have any questions about the programs or services we provide.

Our Programs.

We offer many programs for children, adults and families in need of support.


To learn how you can make an impact with Eagle Heart Centre, please contact us at (306) 525-4161 or e-mail

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