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Eagle Heart Centre (EHC) is dedicated to providing services that support and empower families, children and youth to attain a healthy lifestyle in the many aspects of their life including the home, at work/job, education/training, spiritual and recreations. EHC believes the importance of individual and family well-being is a foundation for both strong families, communities and economic growth.

As family structures, roles and responsibilities continuously shift, EHC realizes the importance of remaining flexible and responsive.

  • Committed to promoting and providing a safe, nurturing and culturally relevant learning environment for families, children, youth & communities to grow

  • Respects the rights of families and their individual members

  • Foster the family’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth through supportive programming, services and constant support

  • Dedicated sponsoring the development of family-centered practices to ensure families have services that meet their needs and support their competence in the care of their children

  • Dedicated to building on family strengths that result in keeping the family together

  • Develop new partnerships with government, community-based organizations and other relevant stakeholders who share the concern for individual and family well-being

  • Promote the growth of families in the home, work and educational environment through the provision and/or access to lifelong learning opportunities

“Our new name was a long time coming. The heart continues to reflect the caring for our community we have mandated over the past twenty years and preserving our cultural family life as indicated by the family within the heart. In addition, the Eagle mates for life, nourishes its family, nests high up to protect from attacks and of course is close to the creator, more admirable traits to adopt into our work.”  Delora Parisian/Executive Director

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